XJ Series 1 Saloon Standard Trim Kit Checklist

Carpet Set

Wilton Wool pre-cut to fit with bound edges and storvic heel.

Underfelt Kit

CAD cut underfelts reduce heat and road noise maintaining the quiet ride that made Jaguar famous.

Leather Front Seat Covers

Leather, carefully grain and color matched, as original ready to install, no additional leather, carefully grain and color matched, as original ready to install, no additional sewing necessary.

Leather Rear Seat Covers

Leather, carefully grain and color matched, ready to install. (No additional sewing necessary, with embossed or non-embossed flutes/pleats, please specify.)

Leather Headrest Covers

Leather, carefully grain and color matched, (ready to install, no additional sewing necessary.)

Door Panels Front and Rear

Set of four  new CNC cut door panels completely covered with dielectric high frequency welded press lines as original, includes sewn pocket and armrest covers, original-type door panel clips and vinyl and foam to re-cover upper door cappings.

Front & Rear Arm Rests and Pockets Retrim Kit

Pre-cut and sewn vinyl foam and beading, to re-cover your originals.

A-Post Panels

Complete vinyl covered panels, trimmed, as original.

B/C-Center Pillar Post Covers

Pre-cut vinyl and foam to recover both center posts.

Rear Parcel Shelf

Complete vinyl trimmed fiberboard panel, ready to install (always black).

Center Console Retrim Kit

All pre-cut and sewn vinyl and foam for easy installation.

Draft Excluder/Windlace

Pre-cut fuzzy snap-on with both original “U” and “J” type, ready to install (always black).


4 yards of original cloth material (in grey or fawn) to replace headliner and recover cantrails and sunroof.

Major Trim Kit Content Checklist

Our Major Trim Kit includes ALL the contents of our Standard Kit PLUS:


All new cloth covered panels and covers to retrim entire boot (in wool carpet for 12 cylinder cars, hardura for 6 cylinder cars).

Front Seat Diaphragms

Pair, made in England, factory original part.

Front Seat Cushion Foams

Pair, molded closed-cell foam, dunlopillow, factory original part, ready to install

Headrest Foams

By this time most original foams have shrunk or become distorted. Our replacements are molded in high density closed cell foam to the exact contour of original.

Our Guarantee

We urge you to carefully compare the contents of our kits with those of others. Compare the quality and originality of our sample materials.

Remember: don’t just shop price, look at value for your money, keeping in mind all BAS Ltd. kits and products come with a no nonsense guarantee on fit and originality to concours standards.

If your XJ6 is a 1974, be sure to let us know if your car has the short or long wheelbase. (One way to check this is to measure the top of the rear door panels where they meet the windows. The short wheel base will measure 30″, the long wheel base will measure 33″.)

BAS Quality Check List:

✓ Quality Materials
✓ Quality Workmanship
✓ Quality Service