MK 2 Interior Trim Kit Checklist

Carpet Set

Wool carpet with bound edges and footpads, pre-cut, ready to fit (please specify either one or two piece front mats, as required).

Underfelt Kit

CAD cut underfelts reduce heat and road noise maintaining the quiet ride that made Jaguar famous.

Carpet Studs

16 male and female, to match original factory specification.

Leather Front & Rear Seat Covers

Leather covers, carefully grain and color matched, as were the originals at the factory, completely sewn, ready to install (rear armrest covers are included).

Front Seat Foams

Cut polyfoam for both front seats.

Vinyl Below Rear Seat

Pre-cut, ready to install.

A-Post Panels

Fibreboard vinyl trimmed panels with bracket for underdash mount.

Rear Cover Panels

For lower D-post, fibreboard panel vinyl trimmed.

Rear Side Casings

For upper D-post, plywood panel trimmed in leather.

B/C-Post Panels

Centre pillar panel fibreboard trimmed in vinyl with fixing clips.

Rear Parcel Shelf

Fibreboard panel trimmed in vinyl with stainless steel fixing clips.

Center Console Trim Kit

All leather, vinyl, foam, piping pre-cut and ready to install.

Door Panel Set (four)

these are exact copies of the original, correct in every detail – includes correct weld lines, complete with armrests, lined pockets, and fixing clips, no trimming required – just install clips (included) and pop them into place.

Furflex Door Trim/Windlace

Moquette covered rubber draft excluder color matched with interior.

Headlining and Sunvisor Cover Kit

Original English woolcloth pre-sewn, ready to install (includes woolcloth to recover sunvisors) (please specify recessed or non-recessed sunvisors).

Boot Mat

Hardura felt mat with bound edges with black snaps set.

Boot Sides

Bitumen board panels with correct grain LHS panel has bulge for fuel pump, RHS is riveted as original.

Dash End Lower Pillar Panels

Fibreboard panels trimmed in vinyl.

Underdash Cover Panel

Black grained board panel often missing or damaged on all E Types.

Seat Runner Plinth Re-trim Kit

Pre-cut vinyl and moquette for seat plinths.

Lower D Post/Bulkhad Cover

Pre-cut vinyl, ready to install.

Glove Box

Lined in grey flock, with cut-out for light. An exact reproduction of the original.

Fixing Screw Kit

Stainless steel-finished screws  made in England (hard to find in the USA) these will make fixing your new trim a cinch!

Perfectionist Trim Kit Content Checklist

Extras available for the Perfectionist not included in our trim kit (see price list):

Sunvisors Complete (pair)

High density polyurethane foam for long life, trimmed in English woolcloth, exact in every (later style, not recessed) detail, available with or without new chrome fixing hardware and vanity mirror (does not include edge finisher).

Rear Cushion and Squab Foams

Cut poly foam for rear cushion and rear squab/backrest, with these installed your rear seat will  look like it just left the factory, (for the best results, use of old foam is not recommended).

We urge you to carefully compare the quality and originality of our sample materials with others.

Carefully compare the content of our Interior Trim Kit with others, whether a full panel or just covering material is supplied. Check for extras, such as dash end lower pillar panels, underdash panel, inner wheel arch covers, seat plinth runner retrim kit, glove box, panel fixing clips, screws and washers

We also offer full trim installation services (send us your seats for retrimming at fixed prices and guaranteed results, or we offer free technical/installation advice to you or your shop. Remember: don’t just shop price, look at value for your money, keeping in mind all BAS Ltd. kits and products come with a no-nonsense guarantee on fit and originality to concours standards.

You get what you pay for with most things in life and Jaguar interiors are no exception. “Do it once, do it Right”. Compare samples, compare content of kits, ask the right questions. Don’t blow your careful restoration or devalue your car with a poor quality non original interior. The choice is yours.

BAS Quality Check List:

✓ Quality Materials
✓ Quality Workmanship
✓ Quality Service


MK II Saloon Specification Questions

1. Year of car.


3. Do you have recessed (early rectangular type) or non-recessed (late) sunvisors?

4. Are the front carpets in two pieces (’59-May ’64) or one piece (’64-’69)? Note: The two piece front mat has a forward half in hardura and a rear half in wool carpet and separate toeboard mat. The later, one piece, front mat is all wool carpet with storvic heel pad.

5. Is the accelerator pedal in your car organ style (attached to the floor) or pendant style (on a stalk from the front bulkhead)?

6. Do the front seats have seven or eight pleats? The changeover was around ’64.

7. Are the front seats reclining (Reuter) or non-reclining?

8. Is the car auto or manual?

*Note: Some cars have been converted from auto to manual. These cars will still have the wider tunnelfor an automatic transmission, requiring a manual console with an auto carpet set, (please specify).

9. In 1968 the leather interior became optional. Does your car have ambla (vinyl) seats?

10. Do you want ashtrays in the rear door panels as original?