MK 10 / 420G Interior Trim Kit Checklist

Carpet Set

Wilton wool carpet with bound edges and heelpads, CNC cut, ready to fit, includes carpet fixing stud set.

Underfelt Kit

CAD cut underfelts reduce heat and road noise maintaining the quiet ride that made Jaguar famous.

Leather Front & Rear Seat Covers

Leather covers, carefully grain and color matched, as were the originals at the factory, completely sewn, ready to install. Most MK X’s have plain leather flutes/pleats, most 420G’s have embossed flutes/pleats, please specify.

Snap On Door Trim

Moquette covered “U” shaped windlace.

Door Panels

Four complete panels, trimmed with correct weld lines, ready to fit (includes covers for amrests).

Front Door Shut Face Panels

Panels trimmed in vinyl, as original.

A Post/Kick Panels

Vinyl covered bitumen board, ready to install.

B/C Post Panels

Vinyl covered panel, ready to install.

D Post Panels

Panels trimmed in leather, ready to install.

Rear Parcel Shelf

Vinyl covered panel ready to install.

Underdash Harduras

Hardura-faced felt as original.

Front Package Shelf Retrim Kit

Panels and covers to retrim as original.

Seat Mount Plinth Retrim Kit

All pre-cut moquette and vinyl, as original.

Inner Sill Re-trim kit

Pre-cut vinyl and foam to retrim inner door sills (necessary for MK X only).

Headlining Kit

In latex foam backed English woolcloth, with unbacked material for sunvisors and cantrails.

Boot/Trunk Set

Complete set, includes all harduras, boot mat, spare wheel cover, etc. and five grained fiberboard panels (in biscuit, as original).

Front and Rear Box Section Covers

Moquette/carpet/vinyl cover as per your original spec.

Underdash Harduras

Hardura felt covers cut and bound as original.

Fixing Screw Kit

Stainless steel-finished screws  made in England (hard to find in the USA) these will make fixing your new trim a cinch!

Panel Fixing Clips

All necessary clips to install new panels.

Our Guarantee

We urge you to carefully compare the quality and originality of our sample materials with others .(English vinyls, latex back English woolcloth headliner as original, ask for samples from others, compare and see for yourself).

Carefully compare the content of our Interior Trim Kit with others, whether a full panel or just covering material is supplied.

We also offer full trim installation services (send us your seats for retrimming at fixed prices and guaranteed results, or we offer free technical/installation advice to you or your shop. Remember: don’t just shop price, look at value for your money, keeping in mind all BAS Ltd. kits and products come with a no-nonsense guarantee on fit and originality to concours standards.

Maintain the character, retain the value of your MK X/420G Saloon. You get what you pay for with most things in life and Jaguar interiors are no exception. “Do it once, do it Right”. Compare samples, compare content of kits, ask the right questions. Don’t blow your careful restoration or devalue your car with a poor quality non original interior. The choice is yours.

BAS Quality Check List:

✓ Quality Materials
✓ Quality Workmanship
✓ Quality Service