E-type Series 3 Roadster Standard Trim Kit Checklist

Carpet Set

CNC cut Wilton wool carpet, with edges bound and original storvic heel pads sewn in.

Underfelt Kit

CAD cut underfelts reduce heat and road noise maintaining the quiet ride that made Jaguar famous.

A-Post Panels

Complete vinyl covered panels, trimmed, as original.

Underdash Harduras

3 pieces with bound edges (all Series III Roadsters were originally supplied with black underdash harduras).

Inner Sill Panel Kit

Vinyl and closed cell foam covering, pre-cut, ready to fit.

Leather Seat Covers

Leather hides carefully hand selected to match in grain and color. With embossed flutes/pleats, as original, (supplied complete, no sewing necessary).

Leather Headrest Covers

With embossed centers as original

Headrest Foams

Molded in high density closed cell foam the exact contour of original.

Center Storage Box Kit

Includes leather console lid cover, with pre cut vinyl and vinyl trimmed board for inside box.

Gearstick Gaiter/Boot

Sewn in leather. (All E-Type Series III were originally supplied with black gaiter boot).

Door Panels

Complete, ready to install, includes vinyl and foam covers for door cappings and fixing clips, includes installed mounting hardware for chrome trim (panels include plastic finger pockets).

Rear Storage Box Lid Cover Kit

3 pieces, pre cut for top of storage box behind seats in carpet with bound edges.

Rear Storage Box Front Retrim Kit

Vinyl, pre cut and sewn (with factory-style twin stitch in center) includes two pieces of vinyl and foam for small panels either side of box.

Boot Retrim Kit

Hardura bootmat with studs, two bootside fiberboards with original grain pattern and rear boot panel in original insulating Hardura. (Note: all E Type Roadster bootsets are in biscuit to match original factory specifications).

Seat Mounting Bracket Kit

Pre cut vinyl for seat plinth/support brackets etc.

Fixing Screw Kit

Stainless steel-finished screws  made in England (hard to find in the USA) these will make fixing your new trim a cinch!

Major Trim Kit Content Checklist

Please note our Major Kit includes ALL items listed in our Standard Kit, PLUS:

Seat Cushion Foams

Moulded to the exact contour of original. Made of a high-density, closed cell foam that will not deteriorate regardless of climate. (Not to be confused with those manufactured from composite polyfoam).

Seat Diaphragms

Made in England by the original suppliers to Jaguar. Complete with brass fixing plates and fixing hooks. (Beware of poor quality Asian reproductions).

Hood/Soft Top

In black on grey English Everflex vinyl. The original soft top for the Series III was an English double coated vinyl made by ICI, often referred to as “Everflex”. This material is no longer made. We supply our modern English Everflex top, black vinyl top with grey cloth liner. This is currently the very closest to original specification material.

Hood Envelope/Boot

In black on grey English Everflex vinyl to match soft top.

Our Guarantee

We urge you to carefully compare the quality and originality of our sample materials with others. (molded foam cushions, closed cell sill foam, natural jute underfelt, and most importantly our factory original style latex foam backed wool headlining material (ask for samples from others, compare and see for yourself).

Carefully compare the content of our Interior Trim Kit with others, whether a full panel or just covering material is supplied. Check for extras, such as headrest foams, panel clips, cantrail panel retrim kit, upper rear door panel, underdash cover panels and panel fixing screws and washers.

We also offer full trim installation services (send us your seats for retrimming at fixed prices and guaranteed results, or we offer free technical/installation advice to you or your shop. Remember: don’t just shop price, look at value for your money, keeping in mind all BAS Ltd. kits and products come with a no-nonsense guarantee on fit and originality to concours standards.

You get what you pay for with most things in life and Jaguar interiors are no exception. “Do it once, do it Right”. Compare samples, compare content of kits, ask the right questions. Don’t blow your careful restoration or devalue your car with a poor quality non original interior. The choice is yours.

BAS Quality Check List:

✓ Quality Materials
✓ Quality Workmanship
✓ Quality Service