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Quality.....there is a difference.

What Makes BAS Jaguar Trim Specialties the right choice for your Jaguar....?

We are a large English based Company that has been manufacturing original specification interior products for Jaguars since 1976. These years of experience in authentic replacement interior and the related raw material manufacturing means that we know how your Jaguar interior looked the day it rolled out of the factory and can reproduce it exactly.

What makes our Jaguar Interior Kits the best....?

We only use original specification materials and methods in our Jaguar Interiors. Including Connolly Leather hides, Hardura, ICI Vinyl leathercloth and correct heat embossed pressings. Don't spoil or devalue your Jaguar by using non original materials for the upholstery of your high quality restoration, show car or summer fun car. Maintain the character, retain its value! For those who want something a little different, ask us about our custom colors, our combination two-tone and contrasting beading/piping.

Jaguar Interior Kits are our only business. We are a true specialist company.

We do not sell brakes, exhausts, body panels or general mechanical parts for your Jaguar. BAS specializes exclusively in replacement upholstery for Jaguars. When a company, any company, specializes in an exclusive field, they had better get it right and we have. Do it once, do it right. Trust your Jaguar to us for the very best results.

Setting a new standard of correctness for the authentic, accurate restoration of Jaguars.

We are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with the new interior parts for your Jaguar that we offer a no nonsense money back guarantee with all our products, from the smallest part to a complete interior kit. Workmanship, traditional English craftsmanship, attention to detail and the completeness of our Interior Kits make us the choice with Jaguar lovers.

Finally, a specialty company that can offer auto upholstery products
and services for the perfectionist.

After much hard work and cost, your car is ready for a new interior. Don't blow it now with a poor fitting, cheap looking interior. Whether it's one of our many J.C.N.A. Concours show winning interiors or our carefully hand-crafted interior packages for your home restoration - Quality products give quality results. Trust us for that perfect interior.

If you thought that choosing a paint or restoration shop for your Jaguar was tough,
choosing the best interior supplier is tougher!

At least with a local shop you can go in and see their work first hand. When you purchase interior products for your Jaguar by mail order, the first time you see your new interior is when you open the box, on delivery day. Why risk disappointment? When you choose BAS Jaguar Interior products you are choosing the very best in fit, workmanship, originality and value for money. ALL of our Jaguar Products come with a no-nonsense money back guarantee. No disappointment on delivery day!

Important things to know when you are shopping for a new interior for your Jaguar.

Don’t just shop price. It’s not like buying a brand name home appliance where you can just compare price from store to store. You have to compare what you’re getting for your money. Most importantly, compare what’s included in each kit, since it’s different with each supplier. We encourage you to shop around to compare quality and originality of materials and the contents of each kit. Ask us about what we include in OUR kits. You’ll see why BAS is the right choice for your Jaguar.

Still not sure if our Interior Trim Products are worth the extra cost?

See about our Quality Challenge

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